Stunts are are special things your character can do based on very special skills, magic items, or tricks up your sleeve.

Creating Stunts

Stunts have a consistent format to help keep them with a consistent scope and power level. They can be written out as either:

[Because …] I get +2 whenever I [unique action] while [circumstances]


[Because …] 1-5x per milestone I can [unique action] while [circumstances]

Everything in brackets must be accounted for with each stunt. This is a way of making sure that stunts are not overpowered but also that the concept of the stunt is fleshed out enough to make sense in the game. It is more appropriate to use the first one for actions that can be represented as actions and the second one for actions that cannot (i.e. plucking out an enemy’s eyeball vs. using charges on a wand)

Purchasing Stunts

Each character can have a number of stunts that are intrinsic to him or her. They can be purchased with Refresh. These stunts are chosen before each gaming session and must be written down. They do not necessarily have to be something your character has spent months or years training, but must make sense and have a reason.


If your character is a martial artist are going to begin a gaming session inside of a skyscraper, you might want to choose the stunt:

Because I have my black belt, I get a +2 whenever I forcefully dropkick someone while he is standing next to a large plate glass window or multi-story high railing.

You can gain bonus stunts through advancement or itemization. Magic items grant bonus stunts. For example, the Gloves of Overwhelming Providence grant the bonus stunt:

Because I wear the Gloves of Overwhelming Providence, 3x per gaming session I can flip a coin to either critically succeed or critically fail while performing an action that uses the body attribute.

This type of bonus also applies to non-magical but useful items, such as hidden weapons.


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