Stress and consequences are a measure of how your character is doing at any point in time. They represent your hit points, sanity, and any specific wounds you may have incurred.


Stress is a generic stat that defines how much damage your character has taken, whether physical, mental, or social. All characters have 6 stress total. When the stress is filled up, you have to start taking consequences to deal with new damage.


Consequences are similar to aspects, except they cannot be invoked or compelled by the owner. Players start out with no consequences, but are earned due to actions that happen during the adventure. There are three levels of consequences, and you can only have one consequence in each slot at a time.

  • Minor Consequences account for up to 2 stress. They can be removed at the end of combat or the end of a challenge.
  • Moderate Consequences account for up to 4 stress. They can be removed at a minor milestone.
  • Severe Consequences account for up to 6 stress They can be removed at a major milestone.
Sustaining Damage

Every action that deals damage has an attack and a defense. Usually when dealing with NPCs, they have a static attack or defense and the player rolls against it. If the attack result is greater than the defense result, the defender takes the difference in damage. The PC chooses how to sustain/deal the damage (stress, or consequences) and the nature of the consequences themselves. In the event that both PCs are attacking and defending the defender chooses.

When all stress and consequence slots are filled, the player is taken out. This can mean multiple things based on the scenario. If the event was to-the-death the character will be killed, otherwise anything can happen at the victors discretion. PCs can also opt to ‘give in’ or concede. In this event, the PC gets to dictate the terms of his defeat, and also gains 1 fate point plus 1 fate point for each consequence sustained during this specific conflict.


While being chased across the rooftops by Lieutenant LeFleur, Remy the Scamp attempts to jump from the top of the duchess’s house. He fails his action and plummets 4 stories to the ground, suffering enough damage to earn the moderate consequence “Injured Knee”. If Lieutenant LeFleur ever catches back up to Remy, LeFleur can invoke the aspect when Remy tries to run or jump next time, or to compel him to give up.


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