Episode 12 - The Execution and the Priest

The day begins with an early morning trip to Dr. Mortimer Benson, the physician that Valdis set up an appointment with. She arrives to find the lobby filled with patients already, hoping to get a spot if another patient cancels. Killing time in the lobby, Valdis tries to showcase her abilities by healing random strangers, who are justifiably weary of her.

During the appointment, Valdis was able to convince Dr. Benson to give her an unpaid internship by deftly healing his cramped leg, which she secretly caused in the first place. Dr. Benson tells her to start tomorrow, but constantly reiterates that she won’t be paid.

The crew take Jamal over to the church so that he can scope out the priests, Markus Palasin, and the church in general. He concludes that Markus is voidtouched, but in a way not consistent with the others and that none of the priests are. Along the way he manages to cast a large blanket of suspicion over himself an the group by claiming to have just traveled all the way from Sundol to King’s Rest just yesterday and making relentless inquiries into the steps he would have to take to become a priest as well as gathering details about the church’s private library, which is kept in stewardship by Markus Palasin and requires his explicit permission to enter.

The group then meanders to the Execution while discussing plans to murder Markus Palasin. They decide to get him sick so that he sees Dr. Benson and then using Valdis’ new position there as leverage to kill him. At the execution, they catch glimpses of the four main royals. The execution takes place normally; the first man is executed for murder. His body drug off the stage. Then Amelia Halloway, the executioner’s fiance is brought out. When the executioner chops off her head it rockets out into the crowd, propelled by a geyser of black liquid.

Executioner Belisle removes his mask and curses Prince Edward, claiming that he infected her. He claims that this means the covenant between their bloodlines is tainted, and that he will not rest until he murders Prince Edward. Jamal gets to work cleaning up the void liquid, while Valdis tries to stop the wound and Nusair gives Belisle a quick word that they will help him get revenge. Belise tells them he will find them when necessary.

Two police chase Belisle, but Valdis trips them with well placed cramps. The police then take Jamal to the station to question him due to his magic show cleaning up the liquid. The police take his information and get a sketch drawn of him. He tells them that his name is Jamarcus Buffalo, that he is from Sundol, and that he’s staying in the Flightlands. They then bring in Markus Palasin as an expert to question him about what he did.

Markus starts by attempting to get the story of how Jamarcus learned the magic. He says that in Sundol dangerous criminals would be filled with the black liquid and that an old police officer taught him how to deal with it. He said that committing crime infected people and caused them to fill with the black liquid. Markus pulls out a vial of black liquid and asks for a demonstration. Jamarcus then putters around like a dunce and says that it’s not working anymore. Markus manipulates the liquid with magic and places it back in the vial. Jamarcus then asks for another shot at cleaning it, so Markus pours it back on the desk and Jamarcus zaps it clean.

In an exasperated attempt to appear sincere and get Markus in a place where he can be killed, Jamarcus suggests that he come over for dinner to discuss the magic. Markus counters by inviting Jamarcus to dinner, but it has to be tonight. Jamarcus claims he has a long list of allergies and needs to supervise the food preparation.

Valdis synthesizes a strain of bacteria that will cause severe food poisoning like effects as well as the vaccine. Nusair pretends to be Jamarcus’ steward and watches the food being prepared to scout for any of his allergies (Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Nuts, Treenuts, Fish, shellfish, etc. and lemons give heartburn). He expertly empties the vial of sickness into the raspberry vinaigrette salad. Before the meal begins, the three imbibe the vaccine. They arrive on time, and are seated across from Markus Palasin for dinner.

Episode 12 - The Execution and the Priest

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