Episode 11 - King's Rest

The party embarks on their first big day, except Jamal who was a big wussy and spent the whole day doing nothing of any real importance.

The party learns about the layout and history of King’s Rest. There are 5 boroughs, each with their own style.

Flightland circles the walled city and holds the poor, the farmers, and those who were exiled by the courts for the inner boroughs. There is no police force in the Flightlands, they have magistrates who take matters into their own hands.

Mantus is on the west side of the inner city. It has lower-middle class residents and seems to be the epicenter of cultural revolution. The party encountered a man on a soapbox preaching about how the concept of royalty is an anachronism and each person is a king or queen unto themselves. Valdis purchased a fancy new dress for her daily routines. Nusair tried to sell his sword, but the blacksmith was a bit stumped on how much it is worth.

Heading into Center City, the financial epicenter, they find shops of very high quality and a large range of inhabitants. A specialized weaponsmith checks out Nusair’s sword, but refrains from buying it until consulting with potential customers. The weaponsmith tells them a couple stories about the history and politics of the city, notably the concept of Hereditary Honor. They are surprised to learn that the royalty has no real power except that their honor remains intact. They share a bloodline with the Old King, who last reigned 1000s of years ago. The legend is that The Old King rose to power over all the humans in the area and asserted his divine right. He was so fertile that whenever he looked at a woman she would become pregnant with his children. When Titan found out that someone had usurped his authority over the people, he placed a curse on the bloodline of the king and killed him and all his offspring. The King had an executioner who was undyingly loyal. The executioner drank the king’s blood and consumed his curse, which rendered the executioners bloodline honorless, destitute, and subservient to the bloodline of the king for all time. Miraculously, there was one child who survived, a girl. She repopulated the bloodline of the king and to this day it continues in the city. They have no real constitutional power, however they are seen as supercitizens.

From here the party moves onto King’s Plot to find out more about the execution and the history of the city. They first make their way past all the large manors to the King’s Church where they speak with one of the priests. The priest gives them a little information about the workings of the church and their belief systems. It mostly boils down to each person having a responsibility to preserving honor so that your children may have it as well. They catch a glimpse of Markus Palasin who gives them a short but curious look, perhaps as if he had seen them before. Behind the church lies the King’s Burial Ground on a path that leads downhill into the trees.

The party heads to the courthouse to try and find out the details of the court case against the woman being executed tomorrow. The clerk, however, is a pompous woman who will not help them on account of them not being citizens. Tensions rise as they exchange heated words about Sundol. The encounter ends when Valdis silently casts a spell to make the woman pee her pants.

From there Nusair retires for the night while Valdis tracks down Dr. Mortimer Benson, the best doctor in the city. She schedules an appointment with him to hopefully land an apprenticeship, or something else.

Episode 11 - King's Rest

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